Mateusz Borowiak

areas of expertise: telecommunication

Mateusz specialises in civil and administrative aspects of the development, maintenance and reporting of telecommunications infrastructure, in particular with the use of real estate and other key resources.
He joined Media Law Firm in March 2018.

In his daily practice, Mateusz deals with inter-operator cooperation, regulations of the President of UKE, proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection (SOKiK), cases for establishing conditions for access to real estate and telecommunications infrastructure.

In 2021, as a representative of the law firm, he worked on a draft regulation on the inventory of telecommunications infrastructure and services, the so-called SIIS.

Mateusz is active in public speeches at industry conferences, training and in direct relations with the client.

When graduating from law studies in 2020 at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, he already had 6 years of experience in the legal industry. Mateusz is a legal trainee at the Poznań Bar Association.