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Jakub Woźny | Legal advisor, owner


Jakub Woźny is a owner at the Media Law Firm. His field of expertise includes telecommunications law. At present, Mr Woźny is much involved in cases of interference of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications with telecommunication companies’ business. He is interested in regulations pertaining to entities rendering electronic services, in particular OTT services. He is actively involved in drafting the Code of Electronic Communication.

Mr Woźny has extensive experience in copyright. He is the author of scientific publications, provides regular training to communication companies, speaks at scientific conferences and makes public appearances. He is a graduate in economics at the Poznan University of Economics and in law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Mr Woźny has recently commenced doctoral studies at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences where he will focus on the theory that determines boundaries of the communication service definition.

In 2018 he became a member of the Working Group for the Development of Telecommunications established by the Ministry of Digital Affairs, which, i nter alia, deals with amendments to the Telecommunications Law Act, amendments to the Act on Support for the Development of Telecommunications Services and Networks, the implementation of the Electronic Communications Code, and the update of the National Broadband Plan and the “5G for Poland” Plan.

In July 2019, he was appointed to the “Legislation” team, one of the three teams as part of the development of the IoT project in Poland.

Professional experience

• made hundreds of proposals for amendments considered during legislative works, most notably key proposals for the mode of conducting telecommunications business in Poland;

• advised on telecommunications law in numerous acquisitions, de-mergers and transformations, including acting as an external advisor of one of the largest law firms in Poland;

• involved in numerous negotiations that resulted in ascertaining the content of telecommunication access agreements;

• supervised proceedings for determining subsidies to costs of providing universal service to a great number of telecommunications companies;

• developed contract models that set out a mode of providing telecommunications services to approximately 100,000 subscribers in Poland;

• founded one of a few law firms in Poland that combines legal expertise and practical knowledge about the realities of media business.

His most significant professional achievement is trust of his clients and associates.

Professional motto: “Do it well or not at all.“

Languages: English, French, German