Korina Sudół

areas of expertise: telecommunication

At Media Law Firm, she has been dealing with subscriber documents of operators and electronic service providers for almost 10 years.

Korina draws up complete subscriber documentation for numerous leading operators and providers on the telecommunications and electronic services market. She advises on matters regulating cooperation with subscribers, in particular consumer issues. Korina is actively involved in several dozen legislative proceedings on the telecommunications services market regulations. She specialises in criminal matters. Korina is a graduate of the postgraduate studies in substantive and procedural criminal law at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. At the law firm, she advises and represents clients on the criminal liability in the telecommunications business.

She advises in English, speaks German and Spanish and learns French.

Beyond her work, she spends time in her painting and artistic jewellery workshop. Korina loves popular science books about history and art, as well as historical fiction books. She is an animal lover and advises pro bono on the animal protection.