Expert in telecommunications market regulation

Tomasz Bukowski | Expert in telecommunications market regulation


An associate of the Media Law Firm, an expert in telecommunications market regulation, a mediator in telecommunications disputes. He deals with telecommunications regulations, including telecommunications law, the Act on Supporting the Development of Telecommunications Services and Networks, as well as cooperates with state authorities responsible for the regulation of the telecommunications market and for the legislative process.

He specialises in legal advice in the field of inter-operator cooperation (including but not limited to regulated and unregulated services, telecommunications abuses), disputes over access to buildings for telecommunication operators and explanatory or administrative proceedings before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications. Tomasz also offers business advice to telecommunications operators in the context of their activities on the regulated market (service, technical, financial, legal or regulatory issues). Moreover, he provides training to telecommunications market participants and investment process participants with respect to their rights and obligations.

A graduate of law at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. For five years Tomasz worked at the Telecommunications Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure (now Digitization), where he was responsible for legislation, governmental strategic programs for telecommunications and cooperation with the European Commission. Then, for three years he was employed by a Warsaw-based law firm dealing with telecommunications issues, including telecommunications investments. Later, for 9 years he was an employee of the Office of Electronic Communications, where he was involved in the wholesale market regulation, administrative proceedings in the field of inter-operator disputes and access to buildings for telecommunications operators, telecommunications legislation, as well as cooperation with the European Commission and the European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

Professional achievements

• conducting several dozen proceedings resolving interconnection disputes before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications and more than hundred proceedings granting operators access to residential buildings

active participation in legislative processes on behalf of the government or the private sector at the level of government and parliamentary work

• developing a vast number of telecommunications regulations that are still in force in telecommunications law and in the Act on Supporting the Development of Telecommunications Services and Networks

• an expert in project management, team management, time and quality of work, calculation of costs of telecommunications services, correct communication, regulation of telecommunications markets and administrative proceedings

• providing training and lectures on telecommunications issues

•  providing mediation with respect to disputes between operators and access to buildings for telecommunications operators

•  the author of a feature book about the Warsaw Uprising 

Languages : Advanced English

Hobby:  a lover of the military history of the Second Republic of Poland, strategic games and Japan