Jakub Woźny

areas of expertise: modern technologies,telecommunication,television

Jakub is expert in electronic communications law. He has unique experience in newer aspects of telecommunications law such as qualification of content delivery networks, obligations of IoT transmission service providers or IoT services).

He is highly involved in the interference of the President of UKE in activities of telecommunications undertakings under both symmetric and asymmetric regulations (SMP entities). Jakub acts for entities with special electronic service regulations, including OTTs. At present, he implements the European Electronic Communications Code for entrepreneurs. Jakub authored comments on the part of electronic communications law, including the status of a telecommunications undertaking.

In 2018 he joined the Working Group for Telecommunications Development established by the Ministry of Digitalisation. Since July 2019 Jakub has chaired the “Legislation” sub-group within the IoT Group of the Minister of Digitisation. In his consulting activities, he frequently combines his knowledge of telecommunications with his economic education. Jakub co-authored reports on OTT regulations and regulatory exemptions related to co-investments. He is a graduate of doctoral studies at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), and is completing his doctoral dissertation. In his professional activities, Jakub is interested in the platformisation of digital services and its related new concepts in the field of competition protection.