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IoT, electronic services / electronic commerce, payment services

We are aware that the business world is constantly evolving. Conducting activities related to new technologies, including electronically delivered services, therefore requires a specific approach and specialised and up-to-date knowledge. Our experts are actively involved in industry projects and are members of working groups of the Ministry of Digitalisation/Department of Telecommunications at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. We help our clients to adapt and organise such, frequently innovative, activities in a way that complies with numerous legal regulations.

Digital/IT services
  • Drawing up regulations for provision of services by electronic means
  • Supporting the implementation of comprehensive documentation providing the legal framework for websites, online shops and other digital services
  • Drawing up and negotiating contracts for the implementation and provision of IT services, with particular emphasis on the use of new technologies by the audio-visual and music sectors in content creation and distribution
  • Supporting the implementation of documentation related to the provision of cloud computing services (including the SaaS, CPaaS model), including adaptation to the requirements of the Cloud Communication of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Drawing up and implementing documentation for provision of on-line medical services
SMS A2P market support
  • Supporting negotiations with MNO on the terms of wholesale SMS termination agreements
  • Drawing up comprehensive documentation of services provided by SMS A2P integrators
Corporate law
  • Establishing companies, drawing up and amending articles of association
  • Merging, dividing and transforming companies
  • Providing legal services related to M&A transactions, including conducting legal due diligence audits and preparing and negotiating investment agreements
  • Providing on-going legal advice
Notice and takedown
  • Protecting personal rights on the Internet
  • Reporting content for removal
IoT, M2M
  • Analysing laws and regulations of IoT solutions (compliance)
  • Handling entities providing connectivity for IoT solutions – M2M connectivity (e.g. Sigfox, LoRaWAN),
  • Contracts between IoT solution providers and telecommunications companies
  • Contracts between IoT solution providers and users (B2B and consumer contracts)
Payment services
  • Providing comprehensive support services in the organisation of activities related to the provision of payment services, including innovative ones, such as TPP services (PIS and AIS), covering the process from obtaining a permit from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to the drawing up of necessary contracts, regulations and procedures
  • Assisting in adjusting activities of telecommunications undertakings and other entities involved in Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) services to the new regulations of the Polish Electronic Communications Law, including the optional debit service
  • Activities to protect competition on the A2P SMS market
  • Market regulation
English law
  • Advising Polish (but also foreign) companies on the law of England and Wales
  • Drafting, providing opinions and negotiating draft media agreements
  • Issuing opinions on companies’ draft internal acts
  • Representing clients before selected tribunals and in mediation or arbitration proceedings
  • Drafting instructions to counsel for an English solicitor practising in England and Wales
Personal data
  • Implementations, audits in the following sectors: telecommunications, electronic marketing, SMS/MMS integrators, hosting and domains, electronic services
  • Representing companies in proceedings before the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and in disputes with persons whose data are processed
  • Providing on-going advisory services in the field of personal data and acting as a data protection officer

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